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Course 200: Home Study Education (HSE)
--- A State-Wide Correspondence Course ---

Only $150.00

*Colorado's "Early Drive Privilege" Law allows your Teen to begin
the HSE Program as early as 14 years & 6 months old. However, the
State's Permit Test cannot be taken until 15 & 0 months.

30 hours of Driver's Education must be completed before
Teens can take the State Permit Test at 15.

This Home Study Driver-Education Package provides a self-paced 30 hour course of study that meets and exceeds state requirements of Colorado's "Early Drive Privilege" Law. CDI's program is based on AAA's National Training program and gives you the best program money can buy. Our interactive mind-body integration techniques of study will provide a rich foundation for your teen's driving techniques for many many years to come! NOTE: A $50 deposit--for multimedia materials loaned to you during your course of study--is refunded to you upon return of media materials.

*Remember: To get a driverís license before the age of 18, the State requires completion of 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training
from a State-certified instructor!

Course 210: Home Study Training (HST)~
--- "Teaching Your Teen to Drive" ---
VHS: "210V" $20+ Deposit** / DVD: "210D" $25+Deposit***

This Home Study Driver-Training Package teaches parents how to teach their teens the responsibility of driving in graduated stages through a proven training curriculum based on the most common causes of teen-driver crashes. Now in its 11th year, Teaching Your Teens to Drive consists of 13 lessons focusing on developing the following skills:

Basic vehicle control
Positioning and speed adjustment
Passing and off-road maneuvers
Visual search habits
Freeway and night driving
Driving on slippery surfaces
Reducing risks

AAA's program -- "Teaching Your Teen to Drive: A Partnership for Survival" -- is designed to help parents and teens work together during the critical first months and subsequent years on the road.
NOTE: A **210V=$30 deposit--for VHS or ***210D=$35 deposit--for DVD for materials loaned to you during your course of study--is refunded to you upon return of all media materials.

New State Law: Permits for 1 yr!

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Disclaimer: Driving is the most dangerous activity anyone participates in on a regular basis. Although driver's education insurance rates are among the lowest, and accidents are far below average, Colorado Driving Institute cannot guarantee anyone's safety while driving an automobile.