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~ Traffic Violations/Tickets/Court Ordered Classes~
Fulfill Your Court Requirements &
Reduce Your Insurance Costs

Course Credit: Various Courts and Insurance Companies will give credit for this course. Check with the appropriate authority to verify your options and required course hours.

Goals & Objectives: The majority of court-ordered offenders are basically good drivers most of the time--who make a mistake once in a while. However, this same situation is what causes tickets, and kills people once in a while. This course of study is designed to remind you of the details and level of attention necessary to prevent accidents. For Level-II, An attitude adjustment & CPR Study Segment are required.

Attendance: All students must be in attendance in the classroom for the specified required hours, to receive a certificate of completion.

Time Requirements: Four (4), eight (8), twelve (12), or sixteen (16) hours of required class attendance is the standard. The court establishes a student time requirement if a traffic violation is the cause of attendance. 

Participation: All participants should participate in class-discussions and view all videos. You will attend classes with new drivers and are expected to share your experiences with these inexperienced students.

Textbooks: All students are given the AAA Text, Managing Visibility, Time & Space--an excellent "Risk Management" manual.

Certificates of Completion: Certificates are issued the same day the course is completed.

Course 300
Level-I In Class Requirements

 1. Review all materials provided.

2. Read
Colorado Handbook, pages 1-33.

3. Take a
Sample Test--100 questions from State Driving Exams.

4. Prepare for, and take Chapter Tests
in the Driver Improvement Program manual of the American Automobile Association.

5. View the videos provided during class time.

6. Enjoy
Guest Speakers--Any of the four sessions may host guest speakers.

Course 301
Level-II In Class Requirements

 1. Complete all Level-1 requirements.

 2. Attitude Adjustment Exercise: Complete worksheet as directed.

3. Prepare for and complete the Tests from the "How to Drive" Test Booklet of the American Automobile Association.

4. Read the Red Cross First Aid Booklet "Til Help Arrives" in preparation for the EMS System.

5. Review CPR Skills and other Emergency skills as required.

6. Other activities may be assigned by your instructor.

~ Frequently Asked Questions ~


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Toll Free: 800.861.3191
FAX: 303.395.0392

Privacy Notice: Colorado Driving Institute does not share your personal information with any third parties, ever!

Disclaimer: Driving is the most dangerous activity anyone participates in on a regular basis. Although driver's education insurance rates are among the lowest, and accidents are far below average, Colorado Driving Institute cannot guarantee anyone's safety while driving an automobile.

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